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Buffalo: The Healthy Meat Makes a Comeback

Author: Rufus Hoyd
Buffalo was once the chief source of meat for many Native Americans before the animal nearly became instinct over two centuries ago. However, because of its many health benefits and other factors, buffalo meat is rapidly making a comeback to plates and palates today. more >>

All About Bisons, Buffaloes

Author: Rufus Hoyd
Bisons are homosexual mammals. Their homosexual behavior is common and is manifested through courtship between bulls. Sometimes, one can find bison bulls, mounting other bulls. more >>

Beef: More than Steaks

Author: Joseph Vaillancourt
Most people hear the word beef and they automatically think about steaks, especially the big four: filet mignon, NY Strip, rib eyes and even top sirloins all pop onto the grill at a great rate. And of course, beef also means hamburger, be it patties, meatloaf or hamburger helper. more >>

What's For Dinner? Would you believe low fat red meat.

Author: Kim Paolino
Today, more and more people are choosing the newest red meat, Ostrich. A tender and flavorful meat, Ostrich is similar in taste, texture and appearance to beef --but due to its low fat content, has only half the calories! more >>