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Buffalo meat is growing in popularity these days.
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Bison Meat - Buffalo Meat

Bison meat, Buffalo meat

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Bison, Buffalo Ribeye Steak

Buffalo meat Rib-eye has everything going, this boneless cut is as tender as a fillet. It has a hearty buffalo flavor, truly a wonderful steak.

Bison, Buffalo T-Bone Steak

Buffalo meat T-Bone Steak has a large center cut sirloin strip steak and a smaller filet portion. It's tender, juicy and aged to perfection.

Bison, Buffalo Sirloin Steak

The classic bison meat cut of steak. Great marinated, grilled and served sliced. Buffalo sirloin steak is exceptionally tender, lean and exceptionally tender, lean and extremely easy to prepare. An excellent choice for dinner parties.

Bison, Buffalo Tenderloin steak

Buffalo meat that is by far, the most tender of steaks.

Buffalo meat interesting facts

Here are a couple of very interesting facts you need to know about buffalo meat:

Buying buffalo meat?

Buffalo burger patties do not shrink like regular beef patties. There are a lot of available buffalo burger for sale at several groceries and supermarkets. But the more expensive cuts are made for special order at some specialty stores. You can purchase buffalo meat either fresh or frozen. But vacuum-packed meat has a longer shelf life.