steak bison, buffalo steak

Bison meat is extremely healthy red meat.
(healthy meat - healthy steak)

Bison Steak - Buffalo Steak

Why is bison meat so healthy?

Bison meat is hypoallergenic and can be eaten by people who allergic to other red meats.
The antibiotics and growth hormones are not given to bison, because bisons are naturally resistant to diseases and grow faster than domestic animals.

Are you on low cholesterol diet?

Bison is significantly higher in protein, yet lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than most other meats. It is healthy and it still tastes great! It is not wild tasting, but has a pleasingly sweet and rich flavor. Buffalo is ideal for those on a low fat, low cholesterol diet.

More Iron!

Bison has more iron than beef. For women, iron is a significant item. Adding bison to your diet can help meet those recommended allowances, as bison contributes about 69% more iron to your diet per serving than does beef!

Bison Nutritional Information

MeatFatCaloriesCholesterolIronVitamin B-12
Sockeye Salmon10.97g21687mg0.55mg5.80mcg